Saturday, April 08, 2006

Preparing For The Visit

Mum is in the country. Well she isn't exactly here yet, but she is on the west coast of the same country. And she will be here next Thursday. I've done 2 things in preparation for her visit. Well 3 really - I've gone out and bought (1) instant coffee (2) plum conserve (3) 2 new bath towels in lavender. Being a tea drinker mostly I don't have any coffee in the house. I normally don't eat jam, I prefer peanut butter. And I only have 2 bath towels (and about 17 face towels) for my own use. I'm still waiting for friends to pass me (1) a sleeping bag (2) a ground mat to insulate against the cold and hard surface of the floor (3) a down quilt. These had better come this coming week or else there will be 3 people (mum, aunt and I) sharing the double bed. It is not a pleasant thought.

I'm planning a slow and easy itinerary to show them the place. Lots of eating, drinking, sitting down in between some walking to take in the sights in a very leisurely fashion. That's the plan!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Beary Special Event

United Buddy Bears - a beary "unique gathering of international ambassadors who have come together to promote peaceful co-existence on behalf of the children of the world." We caught the 124 bears on their 2nd last day here.
They were absolutely fabulous, all colourfully painted with unique artwork, representing their respective nation. Each had an individual character, painted in different styles, different icons incorporated, some had add-ons making the bears even more special.

It was a beautifully sunny day, walking along the harbour, past all the beary special ambassadors, the only thing that spoilt the perfect day was the question "Where was OUR bear?" It was nowhere to be found, we could only conclude that although we were a member of the UN, for some reason or other we could not fathom, the country decided not to partake in this exhibition. It was very disappointing as other nations, some never heard of before, some experiencing internal strife, some poor and backward - were all represented, and made a good effort with their bear.