Thursday, October 25, 2012

20th Class Reunion

My Law School class of 1992 is having our 20th anniversary class reunion next Friday. 20 years! Seems unbelievable that 20 years have flown by in a twinkling of an eye. We were just young adults in our early twenties when we finished up our 4 years in Law School, sold ice-cream in the foyer to raise money for our graduating class bash, practised hard for the traditional graduating class concert - as you can see, we did Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" and to this day, I don't know how the show went because I was one of the background dancers and didn't have the luxury of watching the performance. And I don't remember watching the taped (yes taped on video) recording afterwards. What I do remember is lots of sweat and tears in the rehearsals, where many life-long friendships were made and a couple were broken.

Those 4 years were the best ones of my life I reckon. There were lots that I learnt inside the lecture halls but even more outside the lectures. At the jam and hops bopping to the live amateur bands, canoeing for ages in the open sea to Sentosa island and camping overnight (and then realising that I had to canoe back! What? No one told me I had to take the canoe back and it wasn't a canoe there, take the bus back kinda outing), in the foyer scooping out big scoops of ice-cream, playing Pictionary, having lunch in the Arts canteen while hungry eyes stared down at you, willing you to hurry up and vacate your seats, those long tea breaks at the School of Management canteen, mugging late into the night at the Faculty, then walking back with a friend to the hostel...

Those were the good old days. And in a week's time, we will all be meeting up, with more kilos piled on, less hair, more lines on our faces but I am sure we will all still see the young ones in our early twenties beneath all that. I can't wait.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sydney, I Miss You

Last trip to Sydney was 5 days before Christmas last year and was an in and out trip, hardly enough time to meet my friends, drink all the flat white to satisfy my caffeine cravings, visit the new cafes that have popped up in Surry Hills, buy all the vintage ceramics and glassware at the opp shops, nose around the Mitchell Road Auction House, gorge on lovely bread from Bourke Street Bakery and Central Baking Depot, walk the parks and beaches... And almost a whole year has gone by without a work trip to Sydney this year, the biggest drawback of the new role. I miss everything and everyone.

So even nursing this (new) cold which followed 2 bouts of walking pneumonia, I am determined to enjoy myself when I get there in 2 days' time. So let me get back to lying on the couch and resting my mind, body and soul. Then I will be ready for you Sydney!!

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