Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alternative Favourites

We have discovered 2 areas in Singapore that are cool in the heat.

Haji Lane is our number 1 fave and we have been revisiting ever so often. It is an alternative, bohemian area with little boutiques selling stuff that you don't find in all the ubiquitous malls. There are lots of lovely, vintage finds including a ice-cream parlour/cafe in one of these little shops and a really cool furniture shop selling replica retro mid-Century furniture that we like which has just started a cafe/bar as well. There are loads of young people toting cameras, snapping away along the little street, street art murals such as this black & white one appear on the walls. We like the whole feel of the place.

The other area is Ann Siang Hill which we have just visited and have not spent as much time there as we have in Haji Lane. So there is a lot more for us to explore. There is a really cool cafe cum photo gallery which serves decent but pricey coffee. There are many really interesting shops such as a picture book store, a Swedish design shop and another book store which also stocks retro knick knacks. The architecture of the old Peranakan shophouses are mostly retained and there are art deco buildings in the area too.

Things are getting more interesting and unusual in Singapore. More alternative areas please!

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