Sunday, January 22, 2012

Almost Like A Sydney Saturday

It almost felt like Saturday brekkie in a Sydney cafe when I was at Toby's Estate this Saturday. Sitting at a bench with my flat white in the cool airconditioning, facing the river by Robertson Quay, I could almost imagine I am back in Sydney. The fact that the cafe and the alfresco dining area outside were full of caucasian faces is another factor which could lull someone into a mistaken reality.

I like the interior of the cafe with the exposed brickwork, high ceilings, industrial lighting and stainless steel pipes and funnels. The coffee however was better than the average Singaporean coffee standard which isn't saying very much. The choice of toast was either white bread (I think) and brioche. Hopefully they would offer Turkish bread or sourdough soon. And real jam instead of jelly, I know it would be asking too much to ask for Jam Lady's jams from Victoria so any real jam or compote would be better than jelly. But all things considered, it was a nice ambience to have Saturday breakfast and read a book in companionable silence.

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