Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh In

I have always had a mild obsession with retro weighing scales and have bought a couple from overseas flea markets and contemplated lugging back one of those heavy ones with metal weights you can add or subtract on the weighing pan. But good sense always prevailed at the end. However, I am always on the lookout for vintage weighing scales whenever I travel.

Anyway, the battle of the bulge also continues and a less retro bathroom scale is involved in this battle. I have been jolted back to action and have been faithfully logging in on My Fitness Pal (G calls it My Fatness Pal which seems to be a more apt name really). I have been quite successful in keeping to my goals this whole week since I started and have only failed today, but I plead Chinese New Year Reunion dinner - 'nuff said. I don't want to be lugging around the equivalent of 7 litres of milk every day with/on me but I am looking at it as 3+2+2, I think it makes it easier when the loss is calibrated in smaller, more do-able chunks.

The next few days will be a challenge, with pineapple tarts and other CNY goodies everywhere I turn. I think a couple of pineapple tarts once a year wouldn't hurt. After all, we have to keep traditions going!

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Random Musings

This blog has been totally neglected for the last 3 months. I blame.... eBay I think. But I am now a reformed, ex-eBay addict and have time for other stuff like updating my blog (just one personal blog now, have decided to let the other one die a natural death, but also need to get round to pulling my weight on the vintage blog), reading a bunch of books that I've been faithfully borrowing from the library and getting my impacted wisdom tooth operated on and removed.

So what have these photos got to do with anything? I am not quite sure except that they are colourful, have interesting street scenes and I enjoyed walking around Chennai by myself where I took them.

I don't think I'll be going to India this year due to work budget constraints. If that is so, then it will be the first in 3 years that I don't make at least 1 trip to India. It will be a record of sorts for me as I sat back one day a few months ago and thought to myself, "Now which country have I travelled to the most in my 20 year career?" (yes - 20 years!) and the answer was "India". Not exactly what I was hoping for, but that's the truth. And in the wake of the Delhi bus gang rape, I wasn't that happy with the realisation.

But this year, there won't be that much work-related travel. We are hopeful that we are getting our acts together earlier in the year, and plan our personal travel better and get to where we say we want to. Without the hassle of work travel, travelling might become more fun and I may in fact, want to travel while I am on leave, rather than opting to sit on my couch at home which was what was my preference the last 2 years when I was getting on a plane every other week.

 All right, random musing over. Blog re-activated.

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