Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mum's Bread Pudding

Mum used to make this bread pudding when I was little. In the old days, there weren't many eateries, bakeries, shops, hawker centres located conveniently near residences. So mum felt the need to be inventive and create some desserts for the family. This was something which was easy to make as the ingredients were things which were normally found in a household.

I remember the taste of the pudding so well, I remember helping her stir in the coconut cream to ensure that the bread was thoroughly soaked through. But it has been decades since she made her bread pudding. So I decided that I would ask her for the recipe and make it myself.

This is super easy and quite healthy (compared to other types of cakes) and I've been making several of these puddings in the last week. Even mum gave it the thumbs up and concluded that it was "not bad". I love the taste and the memories of childhood that come with this.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Millionaire In The Making

Bought my first Singapore Sweep ticket in a long time, it now costs $3, I think the last time I bought one it might have been $2, a 33.33% increase. I think it might have been 15 years ago or more! Anyway this one has a picture of the General Post Office which is now the Fullerton Hotel on it. I have always felt that this was one refurbishment of an old heritage building which was well-done. But I digress. So maybe by mid-week I would be a millionaire.

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