Sunday, March 27, 2011

As I Walked Away

Recently I have been even more active than usual in my pursuit of all things vintage. I have ventured into trying to start a very tiny online business with my partner-in-grime, K to buy and sell retro furniture and also our existing vintage treasures. For me, this means all my ceramics, glassware and kitchenalia lovingly collected over the last 5 years, especially during my time in Australia.

We have been inspired to scour all sources for retro furniture and this petite mid-Century dresser with beautiful pencil legs and mirror intact was spotted on the kerb. I stood there for some time wondering if I could somehow conjure up some form of transportation to whisk it home with me. After running through various options, I figured it would have to be a small removalist van and then I would have to spend money to restore it even though it did not look like too big a job as it was in pretty good condition and all that it needs, is probably new formica put in. But practicality overtook my sense of entrepreneurship. No (easy and free) transport, no storage space, and money and time required for restoration. So I nix the idea of picking up this lovely kerb find for myself.

I looked through my phone book to try to find the contact for the folks who are in the business to give them a tip about this little baby so that they could pick it up, restore it and sell it for a big profit. But somehow that number was not in my phone book. So it was somewhat fated that I had to leave this gorgeous little number sitting forlornly on the kerb as I slowly and reluctantly walked away from it.

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