Monday, May 23, 2011

In-N-Out Burger

After reading about how wonderful In-N-Out Burger was online, I finally got to try them in San Jose this trip.

We went to Gilroy which is garlic country and also location of a huge factory outlet mall. On the way there, I wound down the windows to try to get a whiff but my respiratory infection had blocked up my olfactory senses, no joy of garlic bread in the air.

Arriving at the Gilroy mall, we were hungry and after a quick look round the lot, we headed to In-N-Out Burger. They had a very limited menu with 3 set meals only. However, I later found out that there were secret stuff off-menu like chilli fries. Anyway, we made it easy for the staff and order 3 of the same set meals. Everything is made fresh, the fries are hand-cut and single-fried hence they were not crispy but soggy. I think I still prefer the double-fried sort like McDonald's. But these burgers were succulent and the buns were soft.

We felt a little sick after we finished, probably because we ate an entire day's calorie allowance in one meal. But the next 3 hours of outlet shopping probably helped us work part of that off. It was still too much. Next time, I will get a single burger and share the fries. And that would probably be 3/4 of a day's calorie allowance. I might feel a tad less guilty. Why is it that everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening???

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