Sunday, July 08, 2012

Stop And Look

 Often we are so busy with wok and life that we don't have the luxury of time to observe simple things around us, of what Mother Nature has created. But when we stop for a moment and actually take that time to observe, what beauty we see...

A vibrantly coloured grasshopper perched on the gate, even if it first gives you a big shock, you can't help but admire the lively coat it has. What a beaut.

You admire it for a brief moment while contemplating how to get through your own front door (because it is quite big and scary), and then the problem is solved for you because the gorgeous work of Nature flies off back into its natural surroundings.
Or you go for a walk and notice this flowering tree, all up and down its trunk, the pretty orangey-red flowers, with little green buds and fruit, interspersed between the leafy foliage.

We just need to stop a little, look a little. And then get back into our busy, frantic work and lives.

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