Saturday, July 22, 2006

Moving - Lock, Stock And Barrel

I've been helping a uni mate move house. We did 2 batches earlier, carrying a couple of bags each, on foot. It was a 15-minute walk from her old place to her new apartment. Today we moved the bulk of her stuff, another friend with a car, volunteered her wheels. The amount of stuff she had was amazing. I had loaned her 3 large bags for her to pack. She had trolley suitcases, overnighters, haversacks, supermarket shopping bags, plastic bags, cardboard cartons and odds and ends that wouldn't fit into those receptacles. In the 5 months she has been here, she has managed to accumulate so much stuff, it looked like she was moving an entire house, and not just a room (she was just renting a room in a boarding house).

I got scared. And worried. I started mentally checking off the number of bags I arrived with in February (8) and gleefully checked off the amount of stuff I had used up (skincare products, cosmetics, body lotions, soaps) and then with grave concern, added up the new clothes I had bought in the 5 months here (8 pieces - but I HAD to get those 2 new pairs of pants cos my old ones were just TOO loose and were threatening to fall off my hips. Oh ok, ok, the other 6 were shirts/tops which I wanted. No other life-threatening reasons. Right- except for the fleecy dressing gown which WAS a life-saver for the cold, wintry nights.)

The chance of my having to move at year end (to a different country no less) is still looking quite real. I might have to pack up my belongings and give up this apartment. All I am sure I would have to take with me are my winter clothes, that is one sure thing having to plunge from one winter in the southern hemisphere into another (worse) one in the northern hemisphere. Apart from that, I would have to put everything in storage, and I can't have something like 38 bags and boxes lying around a mate's apartment. Sure I have friends whose apartments could be used as temporary storage spaces, but I don't think I should test the friendships too severely. I will have to use my original 8 items as a yardstick and keep to that. Ok, maybe 9 because I bought a microwave.

I will have to be diligent and religious about spring cleaning and not hoarding stuff in the next 5 months. As it was, throwing out those magazines made me feel a little better already.


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