Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sofa So Good

It's been raining cats and dogs for the past 13 hours. And will be raining for the next 7 days, feels a little like Noah's Ark to me, the rain hardly letting up at all.

I had spent amost 5 hours at the Gallery today, gallery sitting while JF went over to M's house with the van to pick up the dining table for himself and the sofa (bed) for me. Turns out that he needed me to gallery sit for a bit longer because he had to make a couple of trips with the van to transport some extra pieces of furniture which M thought the second hand furniture dealer had originally wanted but changed his mind last minute, leaving her in a state of panic since she leaves for Japan on Wednesday. In return, I was going to get the sofa bed free! Completely free, no transport charges even. So ended up that being payment for my 5 hours in the gallery I guess. I handled 1 sale of a lidded jar ($290) and packed up 2 pots which were collected so I did feel a bit useful! And pleased to be back in the gallery setting as well.

When we got home, I threw the green sofa cover also provided by M, over the sofa cos the mumsy floral prints were really not my cup of tea. In a fortuitous way, green seems to be the uniting colour in this apartment, from my oriental tissue box cover, to my table runner, to my table cloth on my little coffee table (actually a pareo overlaid with a linen tea towel over a milk crate in reality). Green is also supposed to be the colour to assuage feelings of homesickness. Now that the sofa is in place, G and I can finally sit down properly together and watch TV. Everything is coming together nicely.



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