Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baking Disaster

Am flexing my muscles in the kitchen, trying to bake the orange cake and various other variety of cupcakes for the high tea tomorrow. However, not having baked in ages, I seem to have lost it. The process takes ages, the butter seems a bit too much for the other ingredients and just would not be absorbed into the cake batter, it seems over-saturated. I am beginning to suspect the online cooking conversion website. Things were better and easier when I used the old rule of thumb method I recalled from Home Economics 101. Now my cake batter is over-saturated with butter and too sweet. I had to remove lumps of butter, add more flour to balance the sweetness out, and throw in another orange worth of juice and pulp.

Then I find out my oven doesn't work! Had to hotfoot it down to G's house to use his oven. We finally packed everything and popped the cake trays into the oven. The overly saturated batter starts sizzling with a layer of oil when the cake starts taking shape. I had to tip out the extra oil a couple of times, dang that stupid website, the conversion is really wrong. I completely blame it. This is a disaster.

The next day, I had to make the mushroom pizza thingy and in the process, I suffered a really bad burn on my left index finger, the pain was intense and lasted several hours. A raised long welt formed immediately and that will translate into an enduring battle scar of this ongoing baking disaster.

This baking saga is a labour of love for this English high tea which we have been fantasising about for ages. It had better turn out good.

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