Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Move

So tired after the big move today, my back is hurting, my feet are aching.

Early on, four pairs of quick hands make very efficient work. The Move was completed in 1.5 hours. Then a big yumcha lunch to reward the helpers. We must have worked up a good appetite cos we ate a lot. The weather was really nice and sunny for the big move and we had all discarded our hoodies, it did not feel like 11C! And then for me, more last minute vacuuming of the old apartment after the things were finally removed.

Then back again to the new apartment for the unpacking and settling in. Managed to unpack everything except my clothes. Too, too tired to do that tonight. But I did do the laundry which was good, testing out the washing machine. Bought a takeaway dinner of fish and chips and ate in front of the TV, tonight being TV night.

Some gratuitous shots of the new apartment. Some of the things that I really like about it - the designer sink, the galley kitchen, G's paper lamp he brought over much earlier on (for ambient lighting), the glasses we bought (martini glasses are new ones from Freedom, the champagne glasses are pre-loved ones from the Opp Shop in Glebe, which we absolutely love and will be visiting frequently to check out their stock of glassware which is just fabulous). I love the shape of the glasses. They aren't just for cocktails, although G has his plans to bring part of his cocktail making treasure trove and leave them here so we can have drinks at both apartments. For me, I have plans to serve desserts and shrimp cocktails in these gorgeous shapes. What's not to like about glass?

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