Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Out Of Two

We can't get enough of Freshly Baked. The tenderloin sandwich was yummy, coming a close second was this corned beef and fried egg sandwich. Except I had to get into a deep discussion on how I wanted my egg done. This is Singapore, they should understand when I say I want my egg, beaten and fried on both sides like a pancake till well-cooked. They never did understand this in Sydney, despite my practically demonstrating how I wanted the eggs done. No one has eggs that way, so no amount of instruction would help. So I gave up - in Sydney. Whereas in Singapore, I thought that if all failed, I would describe it as egg fried nasi lemak way and any true-blue Singapore would surely understand what I was getting at. Anyway, Freshly Baked did get it right after our long discussion. They stay on our list.
We tested this cafe
in Katong one weekend. There were lots of pretty-looking cakes.
The coffee was forgettable, the cakes looked better than they tasted. We just needed an air-con break that afternoon with our Kiwi guests and this looked like the ticket. Unfortunately, I think it was completely forgettable.

Well one good cafe out of two is not too bad in Singapore.



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