Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Late Stroke Of Genius

Finally. It's over. This is our best idea which came late in the day. We changed the orientation of the bedroom door, moved it down the corridor, then up, then even further up and flushed with the built-in wardrobe. Then the light bulb came TOTALLY on, we started with a sliding door, were told no-can-do for various reasons, then we went with a regular door, reusing our existing door but fabricating a new door frame (which had to go to waste after being completed and paid for). Then with the light bulb going on, we reverted back to the idea of a sliding door but using the tracks of the new wardrobe. For some reason, this brilliant idea was fine with the contractor, who thought it was rather clever too.

So here it is, doors all shut, flushed against the wall.

And here with the bedroom door slid into the wardrobe, revealing the corridor leading to the front part of the house. A late stroke of genius but so totally worth it.

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