Monday, July 01, 2013

Home Renovations - Before

Finally, the renovations are about to happen. This picture shows the most detested feature in our house, this wooden parquet platform that was put in by the last owner who thought it was a brilliant feature he adapted from his last resort holiday and was so proud of. I really hated it because it was impractical and dangerous especially for those middle of the night loo visits when one could easily fall over. We overcame that obstacle by swapping the sleeping area with the study area. But it was still annoying because there was also the issue of stubbing your toe instead of falling over when you came from the opposite direction. We lived with that for 3 whole years and finally decided that we have to do another round of renovations and this was the first thing that had to be fixed.

I was pretty happy with the rest of the house, but our bedroom just seems to be a white, functional room. Even the roomful of vintage furniture like the Art Deco dresser and the mid-Century long blue bench (from the Sydney Opera House foyer) could not save the insipidness of this room.

So I am looking forward to having the works done and adding some colour to this room. The room will be getting the character it deserves after a long 3 years. I can't wait. 3 weeks to the unveiling!

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