Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Gotta Have Faith

A picture speaks a thousand words.

When someone tries to describe how wonderful this person whom they are trying to set you up with, is, you ask for a photo. When someone raves and rants about their last holiday in a beautiful beach resort, you ask for photos. When someone tells you about their new condominium they just bought, you ask to see it. Everyone needs a visual in order to comprehend and digest the extent of what you are trying to tell them.

Similarly in my great apartment search, I focused on online ads which put up photos. I needed an idea of what the place looked like before I even committed myself to making an appointment to view it. Using this rule of thumb, I viewed 5 apartments (plus 7 on my last trip in December) and found each of them sadly falling far below reasonable expectations (how can a 12 sq m broom closet be passed off as a studio for instance?).

I'm not even sure why I responded to this ad with no photos, and just 3 lines of print. Maybe I was disillusioned by the photos and let down by the real estate I've seen, or maybe the description "chic studio" caught my eye. So I turned up, with no preconceived notions of how this apartment looked like. Or maybe that's it, no visual image means no mental expectation of the apartment measuring up to its photos. But it turned out to be an apartment which I could easily see myself living in. The area was leafy and residential, instead of drunk, homeless people hassling you for a cigarette, people were walking their dogs. There was no bars or clubs which I could see along the street. The building was solid red-brick instead of glass and steel. There was even a homely clothes line at the back of the yard.

The apartment was reasonable in size and was neat and tidy. The nicely made up bed with matching duvet and pillow cases was inviting. Natural light flooded the studio and windows almost all around would ensure good air circulation. A white counter segregated the kitchen from the sleeping area, and a solid teak bench with green cushions made for a perch for you to have your meals or work on the laptop at the counter. And if one plans to invite friends over, you could easily push up the murphy bed and there would be plenty of space. It was all rather attractive - even without the photos.

So sometimes, you just gotta take it on faith.


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