Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back To Rock Buns

It possibly might have been last Christmas when I last baked some rock buns. Been so long that I don't remember anymore. I started harbouring cravings to bake some this week. Rock buns are a perennial favourite with the folks from work, so simple to make and so yummy.

Using the new measuring cup again seems to throw the proportions out of whack. Once more it felt like there was insufficient flour to the amount of butter. This time, despite what people say about baking being more of a science than cooking is, I chose to trust my instincts after the last baking fiasco. I deferred to my judgment to gauge how much flour to the amount of butter rubbed in and relied on taste for sweetness. Hopefully, they taste as good as they look. Out of the oven after 15 minutes, these little nuggets turn a golden brown and are chockful of dried apricots, raisins, cranberries and pineapples.

Put to the taste test, they turn out fluffier than the ones I used to make, thanks to the generous pinch of baking powder I had thrown into the mixture. I think I prefer them a little rockier - like their name...

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