Sunday, November 18, 2007

Operation Baking (Up A) Storm

I finally unleashed my inner baking goddess this afternoon, after having planned and prepped for so long.

The ingredients were bought ages ago, the raisins slowly inching towards their expiry date, the 2 stainless steel cookie cutters purchased by chance when I was browsing the shelves in Daiso in Singapore and couldn't resist "proper" cutters vs plastic ones, the rolling pin was bought for the pizza making earlier and the retro kitchen scale from the car boot sale in Brighton sitting there, all handy - no more excuses blaming the online conversion websites when the results don't turn out the way they should. And so I baked.

I really wanted to dry-run a batch of cut cookies for my Christmas baking this year as I think cut-out shapes are much prettier although my rock buns still pretty much rock (pun completely intended). I think I need to reduce the amount of sugar and practise my cookie-cutting skills - a developmental opportunity (as we would say in the corporate world). The different ideas to try out for a range of variety are swimming around in my mind. So many to attempt, so little time. While I had the oven going, I also whipped up these caramel lava cakes (from a mix). They are pretty good. I'm sure they must contain at least 1200 calories each.

On a self-comforting note, I have gone (almost) vegetarian this weekend with the veggies/lentil soup for Saturday's lunch and dinner tonight, and mushroom risotto for lunch today. The veg only code was somewhat broken as I threw in some leftover shredded roast chicken into the risotto, but apart from that, I think I've been quite good this weekend and can do without the guilt (at times like these, I think I am a closet Catholic).

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