Saturday, November 17, 2007

Steamrolling Saturday

My last thought before I fell into a long slumber last night, was that of the beautiful lamb, almond and harissa sausage roll at Bourke Street Bakery. So this morning when I finally rolled out of bed at 10.15 am, I made my way down Crown Street to satisfy this craving.

Crown Street being what it is, held lots of distractions for me. A 20-minute walk became 40 minutes as I was seduced into various clothing and interior decor shops. The shops on Crown Streets are all unique and full of character, and make for much more interesting shopping than going to the mall. I bought a black dress with a vintage-looking lace neck line and bodice from one of my favourite shops. I would have to part with this pretty purchase as it is a Christmas pressie for a dear friend. I just hope it fits well, as buying clothes for other people is always a hit and miss affair.

Further down the road, I couldn't resist a quick stop at Salvos to check out their glass and ceramics section as I usually do in all the opp shops. This particular one, is always light in that section, but usually has new hair clips, note cards and other knick knacks. Today I find a Murakami book, "The Wind-up Bird Chronicle". I've been meaning to read Murakami after hearing two of my close friends rave about his books. And since these are my more intellectual friends, I have filed his name in the back of my mind, waiting for the opportunity to get hold of one of his books. For $3 instead of the usual $20 plus at Kinokuniya, the opportunity presented itself today. And as a bonus, there was a big box of a variety of greeting cards outside Salvos, free to anyone who wants them. I took a couple of packs.

I finally made it to the bakery close to noon and had my sausage roll and soy flat white, perched on a stool on the pavement outside the bakery, reading my book and enjoying the cool breeze. At least the sausage roll is one of the few things which in reality, is still as good as memory. I was reluctant to leave my perch after finishing my yummy meal, and carried on reading for a fair bit before I decided I should get a move on as the agenda for the day was packed.

I picked up some veggies for my lentil and vegetable soup dinner. The lentils had been soaking overnight and I want to try making lentil soup as it seems to be a big thing here.

On the walk back, I debated whether to buy a $100 soup bowl or $160 salad bowl at a ceramics/textile gallery cum interiors shop. I've been eyeing these bowls every time I walk pass the gallery in the evenings when it was closed. The white porcelain is glazed with a slip on the interior, and scratched on the exterior, creating random, abstract-looking markings. I really like the salad bowl-sized one better but resisted parting with $160 since there usually are good finds at markets and opp shops, for a fraction of the price. But I might go back again... when I find/ create/ justify an excuse to treat myself to a $160 bowl.

And I finally got down to my art and crafts. I made three items in the afternoon. The prototype I made is will be kept for me, and the other two will go to friends for Christmas. Hopefully I'll be able to make a couple more tomorrow.

The baking plans are held over to Sunday as I'm too spent from all the activities today.

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