Friday, November 16, 2007

Prelude To The Weekend

I've been itching to put my creative skills to good use for a long time.

With G far, far away in HK this weekend, I've been researching craft patterns online, comparing them to the ones I've seen in stores in Brighton and markets in Sydney. My vintage buttons which I picked up at the markets some weeks back, have been languishing in their packet. I have great plans for them. Which shall be brought to fruition this weekend.

Ditto my trial baking for Christmas. This year, I have decided to make cut cookies and bought a heart-shaped cutter and a star-shaped cutter. I think they will look very festive. Researching recipes online with such a great variety of pretty cookies, yielded too many dazzling choices. Do I want matcha cookies? Or orange & choc cookies? Would my friends/recipients like spiced cookies or would they prefer something simple like sugar cookies?

Ultimately I think I might just raid my pantry and see what's in it and bake accordingly! Problem solved.

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