Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fish Face

Going out with a "veg-aquarian" (someone who eats vegetables and fish and other seafood but no meat) has initially presented a little bit of a challenge for someone who has publicly declared that she "would rather die than give up meat". No doubt a veg-aquarian is more tolerable than a vegetarian or a vegan in the books of the devoted omnivore (well at least I'm not a pure carnivore, veggies form more than a token part of my diet), but it still presented some dietary issues when working around cooking at home or eating out when the meal involves sharing rather than the "you eat yours, and I'll eat mine" style.

For someone who is so much of a foodie, that eating and having the knowledge of good places to eat, form important aspects of one's life and the entire make-up of the person, food-compatibility (this doesn't just mean diet, but also the value a person places on meals and food in the general scheme of things) is imperative.

As such, this has meant learning to cook and grocery-shop more creatively, eating meat at meals where only other carnivores are present, ordering meat whenever joint meals do not involve sharing (like a mini-pizza which may be too small to be shared) and eating more fish.

It also helps that this veg-aquarian is a foodie in his own right as well, and can whip up some pretty decent fish dishes which taste as good as they look.

Food and life, after all, are all about nothing but choices.

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