Monday, February 11, 2008


A sense of nostalgia filled me as I read the Alumni magazine detailing the move of my old Law School to its new campus, at the "other" end of the Botanic Gardens. A nice, green and leafy environment, with its old buildings - some black and white colonial-style, some 1970s type, with a lot of history and character behind these grand old dames.

So this trip back home, I decided to take a walk down nostalgia lane with a couple of old school mates.

The manicured quadrangle with the goal posts reminded me of inter-year games that I've never taken part in.

The long, cool corridors reminded me of the slow, humid afternoons perched on the parapet, with the book I've never read.

The lush, green trees reminded me of the discussions with tutorial mates over the latest tort or property cases, that I've never argued over.

It's strange what nostalgia does to you, even when you had never lived your past in that time or place...

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