Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Treasure Trove

This was a weekend of treasures.

The bowl of tomatoes and a variety of herbs - rosemary, thyme, Thai basil and mint, was courtesy of S's home garden. An unlikely gardener S was, in my eyes, but he can surely grow some lovely vegetables and herbs. We promptly cooked some tomatoes and herbs into a fish curry that night.

Next was my great find at the Vinnie's in Berry. I had forgotten I had been to Berry some 4 weeks ago when my sister was in town. I had bought my retro ceramic coffee pot, creamer and sugar pot for the princely sum of $5 then. This time, the set of 6 dinner plates, 5 slightly small plates, 5 side dishes, 4 shallow bowls, 4 saucers and 2 cups, was obtained all for the grand sum of - wait for it - $2!! I was almost sure there was some mispricing and asked for confirmation that indeed, it was $2 for the lot. Oh dear, they really need to learn how to price goods better at this particular Vinnie's, there is a lot more money that customers would gladly part with for the things they get here.

We hit the auction on Saturday for the viewing and Monday for the action. I finally got my Christmas pressie from G. He had promised me a floor lamp, with a custom-made shade from the Bondi Beach market. I wanted a wooden one which wasn't too ornate and had trawled through charity shops and ebay for a couple of months. This finally fitted the bill. And the price was very right too - only $35 including the auctioneer's premium.

The green and white tile top coffee table was an impulse bid at the Monday evening 20th century design sale. I was really pleased with this buy, the table was in mint condition which was good because I did not get a chance to inspect it before the sale (as I didn't see it at the viewing and so didn't form an intention to purchase it and hence didn't inspect it). I had seen several orange and white tile top coffee tables earlier but the green and white was more unusual. This win made up (kinda) for the fact that the prices for the sunburst clock, the Kartell round plastic nesting tables and the teak rocket floor lamp that G was eyeing from the viewing,were pushed up by the presence of the traders and also couples who were obviously buying up loads to furnish their houses. Seems like the interests were focused in a handful of items, judging by the heated bidding.

I know I will be back again at the auctions, I just need to find room for the stuff I want - like a Parker dining table and chairs, a couple of West German ceramic vases, a ball clock ... Treasure hunting is my very favourite pastime and living off the finds is a way of life.

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