Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friand Craving

I've always liked madeleines. And could polish off six at one go if unrestrained. Then I moved to Sydney and started on friands which tasted a little like madeleines. I like their shape, their taste, their texture. I like the fact that they are quite little and don't fill you up so that you feel stuffed up to your gills the way muffins make me feel.

Tonight I've been having a friand craving. I found out that another name for friand is the financier. I didn't realise that cos I've had financiers before in Singapore. They have a different shape from the friand. The financier is rectangular somewhat resembling a gold bar, hence its name. The friand is somewhat oval with a spill-over muffin top.

Two more days to the weeknd. Plans? I'm going to try to make some friands.

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