Sunday, November 23, 2008

Better Late Than Never

With just about a month or so to Christmas, I finally received my complete 2007 Christmas present from G.

I had wanted a retro standing lamp last Christmas and we successfully bidded for this wooden standing lamp at the auction house last year. I loved the solid dark wood with the curves on the mostly plain leg.

I also liked the old-fashioned cream lampshade, which was probably inspired by a wasp-waisted corsetted lady's torso, but G just hated that sort of granny shade so he absolutely refused to let me have the lamp out with that shade. So for a long time, the lamp had no shade, plus it had no plug either until a new plug was wired in many months after the purchase. We improvised with a shade from a table lamp, it was way too small for the standing lamp but we made do.

Then we finally found our way to Ikea and bought a fire-engine red shade which we felt would add a welcome splash of colour to the room. However the metal ring which attached the shade to the base was too big and didn't fit the lamp. So that was discarded and we finally got this geometric-patterned shade from Freedom Furniture. G loved it at first sight but I initially disliked it, but when I saw it again at the second Freedom Furniture store, with the lamp turned out, the glow sort of changed the visuals of the shade, and I thought it wasn't that bad after all and agreed to G's getting it to complete the long-awaited Christmas present, just before this Christmas! A case of better late than never?

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