Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tomatoes, Sugar High And Crime

Somehow we bought a big bag of tomatoes a couple of days ago and we put them to good use immediately.

G made a bruschetta with the tomatoes, coriander, garlic marinated with balsamic vinegar and olive oil on toasted fig and barberry bread from the Bourke Street Bakery this morning for brekkie. G topped his off with a poached egg.

For dinner tonight, I was thinking of a Thai noodle salad. I decided to use a similar bruschetta mix and throw in some mussels (these came marinated in lemongrass and ginger which was perfect for the Thai dish) and add them to some rice vermicelli. It was light and refreshing, especially since we had a big sugar high at tea time with lemon tart, chocolate tart with a raspberry compote and scones with strawberry jam and cream, at Y's place which turned out to be some sort of a real-life drama as we arrived at his condo estate to police blockades, TV cameras and blue and white police tapes.

We were informed that this was a crime scene and that we should get our friend to come down to get us since the whole estate was blockaded. G suspected that there had been a murder, and I was concerned that the murderer was still on the loose. It turns out that there had been a fatal fall involving a young couple, the woman had died at the scene while the man was seriously hurt after both plunged from the balcony. We somehow had the impression that the police was still looking for someone who had already left the crime scene.

Perhaps somewhat hardened to crime in the city and all around us, we turned back to the sweet comfort of our desserts and pigged out.

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