Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Few Successes

I have never had a falafel until I moved to Sydney and met G. He who loves Lebanese food, could not believe that I have not been introduced to the wonderful world of falafels. The falafels at Xeno on Crown Street are the best, even in my limited Lebanese food experience because they are moist and plump and freshly made only when you place an order. When you bite into one, the yellowish-green inside is just heaven. For a meal, I like the falafel roll, 3 fat falafels nesting in a piece of Lebanese bread with dollops of hommus, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (I opt out of onions), tabbouleh and fresh mint leaves.

Simple, cheap and a great snack or meal in itself. And an exposure to new culinary experiences.

From tasting like home-made to really home-made is this fish pie that G made for lunch today. We had an abundance of sweet potato and pumpkin mash and I suggested making a shepherd's pie except not with meat. Well actually I wanted it with meat like a REAL shepherd's pie but G wouldn't come over to the dark side, so G made a fish (fisherman's?) pie, making a bechamel sauce for the fish and topping it up with the mash. Another success.

I felt like some baking therapy tonight and made some (adult) kahlua-flavoured cookies. Mmm, a taste of this experiment shows that this too, was a success.

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