Monday, August 31, 2009

Creative (Culinary) Juices

Since the advent of tai tai-hood, I've been channelling my creative energies into the culinary area.

Recent successes include a really simple prawn and capsicum fried bee hoon and this was an easy to throw together dish but still very satisfying and a crispy batter fish and chips (a little baking powder dissolved in vinegar did the trick I believe. Must be the addition of carbon dioxide through that method, no need for a soda siphon to pump in CO2, Heston Blumenthal-style) But I had scoffed that meal down so quickly, I had forgotten to take any pictures. The cleaning up of the kitchen was much less fun than the eating, the oil had splattered everywhere and I had to get rid of evidence of unhealthy deep-frying before the Food-Nazi gets home.

Then I had this craving for a McDonald's Fillet O Fish for a few days and of course we know, Maccas is banned in this household by the Imperial Edict of the Food-Nazi. As such, we made our own delicious Barrumundi fish fillet burger over the weekend, with a generous slather of tomato chutney, with rocket leaves piled high. This was a really gourmet-tasting fish burger, Barrumundi really hits the spot.

I've also been thinking about the Japanese omurice, although I can't remember ever ordering it in a Japanese restaurant. It's one of those simple home-whipped-up dishes that no self-respecting Japanese person would order in a restaurant. So I googled up a recipe - it's really very basic and threw in some smoked salmon I had in the fridge as there is NO meat. Once again, lovely red capsicum for colour and flavour and some frozen peas. However, it wasn't as tasty as I had hoped for. I think more tomato ketchup is needed.

Next on my cooking agenda is bread-making. Will get onto that towards the end of the week cos the Food-Nazi can only eat baked goodies on the weekend and I like to share my goodies (and the calories).

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