Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another Vintage Find

Being an inveterate collector of vintage glass and ceramics, I love trawling the flea markets and op shops. What greater joy is there than finding a lovely, old item for a bargain price? Bumping into a garage sale with really good vintage items is also a fortuitous event and I've scored a few treasures in garage sales too, most notably my blue glaze Steve Sheridan salad bowl for a meagre $10.

Most recently I've obtained a large, clear glass lemon juicer. This is actually not my first choice because I've had my eye set on a green Depression glass juicer and measuring cup set at the Antiques Centre. But I wasn't that keen on the price of $45 and so had been looking out at markets and op shops for something similar. Unfortunately, the search has been futile so far and I've seen a few clear glass lemon juicers but no green Depression glass ones.

Having passed up on several of these clear glass ones, I finally decided that I would have to get one and not have any regrets in the future, for missing a good buy with this one at only $3 on one of my quick nips into the neighbourhood Vinnie's shop last week. I'm going to use it to squeeze the oranges when I make my orange cupcakes, see they aren't just objects of beauty to be collected and admired. They are functional and I will love the feel of the heavy glass in my hands and am finally going to put the green plastic juicer I have, into retirement.

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