Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christchurch Treasures

This trip to Christchurch was a combination of relaxing (going to bed Kiwi time, waking up Sydney time is how I describe it), day trips to interesting little towns, retro/vintage shopping with the MIL who has kindly kept an eye out for wonderful little retro shops and cut out information on them for me, (over) eating yummy stuff at restaurants, cafes plus delicious home-cooked meals.

I scored 2 lovely items. The first is a brown, crocodile-skin handbag made in the 1940s, still in an extremely pristine condition for something that is half a century old. It is a beautifully-made Kelly bag, very sturdy and yet very feminine. I love it to bits. And the fact that I only paid NZ$10 for it at my favourite vintage shop there, Foragers. I can't wait to use it.

The second item is a wee cake dish with a green leaf and rose painted on. Just nice for one person, I can see myself using it and enjoying my little cakes and biscuits on this little treasure, with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

I love the fact that I've spent so little and got so much. The feeling is priceless.

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