Saturday, October 03, 2009

You Can't Go To Heaven If You Go To The Movies

I have a confession. I have been joining a huge group of OAPs for a monthly movie luncheon at a beautiful Art Deco theatre, the Orpheum. Everyone there is white, over 60 and belongs to various clubs, associations and societies. (note to self: google up "Probist club" which is where many of these people are members of and I have no idea what it is) My presence offers a wee bit of diversity, it doesn't really bother me anymore. I think I'm used to it.

The monthly movie luncheon is a lovely day out for these OAPs like them and unemployed people like me. We get to watch a current movie in a lovely theatre with old-world charm, sip coffee or tea, enjoy our basket light sandwich lunch and pretend we are in a different era. All for a generous $13 deal, when a regular movie ticket would set me back $17 normally. I'm actually spending my budget wisely!

I have another confession. After every movie luncheon (and I've been to 2 already), I make plans to come back for the next. This means that I am planning (or maybe not planning but kinda preparing myself) to be available on a Wednesday at 11 am when all "normal", productive people put on their suits and go to a job in the city. But I guess this (having a job where I can put on a suit and go to a job in the city) is not exactly within my control, so while I still can loll around in my jeans and tee-shirt, I should make the most of this deal and enjoy my day out with these lovely old people. I'm planning to go see "Mao's Last Dancer" in 2 weeks and I've been thinking about it since the last movie luncheon.


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