Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tea - Part 2

Although I am a tea lover, there is at least 1 type of tea that I know I absolutely detest. Before I knew any better, I thought rose hip and hibiscus tea would taste like how it sounds - lovely. But after I've had some rosehip and hibiscus tea, I realised it was just a misnomer. Something so sour shouldn't have such a pretty name. I gave it a few attempts just to be absolutely sure it wasn't something I would learn to like. So now I am absolutely certain I absolutely detest anything with rosehip or hibiscus in it!

So when I bought this ginger and lemongrass tea from the tea merchant at the market, I didn't expect any hibiscus to be in the mix. I know this tea merchant has really nice Earl Grey tea and on that basis, decided that any other tea from there would be of a good standard.
I came home with my new purchase and brewed a cup. Alas, the tea turned red, a sure sign of rose hip and/or hibiscus. The lemongrass and ginger flavour could not overpower the offending ingredient. So after a couple of cups, I decided that I would pick out the hibiscus from the tea leaves. And so I did, with a plate perched on my lap while I watched TV, I picked out almost every offending red bit. The ones that were too small, I left them in there, I doubt it would do too much damage to the overall flavour. And then I brewed a new cup without the hibiscus and it was just the way I like it.

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