Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artistic Piles Of Books

We have books sitting in piles along a wall in the home office. According to Apartment Therapy, that is an acceptable way of displaying one's books. Well, all right if the decor experts say so. But I am still looking for a nice retro bookcase.

Today, we went to Likethatone and I saw a few that I like. The one at the
top of my list is technically not a bookcase. I am feeling a bit ambivalent about the tin panel which has replaced the original glass because the glass was a goner. I like the art deco curves and the legs. But G is not in favour as it is not a bookcase.
The second one is my favourite amongst the actual bookcases. The glass keeps dust off the books. But G tells me that in his world, bookcases do not have glass! If there is glass, it becomes a cabinet. He is happy leaving our books in artistic piles on the floor.

As none of them has evoked in me, the "I must have it" feeling, I think I shall wait a little.

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