Monday, June 20, 2011

No Knead Bread - Or The Long Wait For The Le Creuset Dutch Oven

I had been coveting a Le Creuset dutch oven ever since the no-knead bread recipe appeared first of all in a NY Times article all those years back. Was it 8 or 9 years ago? Or maybe 7. I forget but I remember thinking, "bread, no kneading required, mmmm.... what a great idea." All I need is a dutch oven which costs an arm and a leg, that's all. And that would be the cost of how many hundred loaves? So that idea got shelved, I moved to Sydney where I had access to the best breads known to mankind. After having the luxury of these great breads, wonderful varieties, for about A$5 a loaf, which although not cheap, seemed quite reasonable considering the warm happiness it brought me - I left Sydney after 4 years. And then started getting withdrawal symptoms not just from missing the coffee, but also the bread.

I checked the sales diligently at the housewares section just to see if the price of a Le Creuset dutch oven has plummeted for some unknown reason. No such luck. I continue to search for decent bread in Singapore and found a passable version in the Gardenia Walnut country loaf at S$3. Then on my last trip to San Jose where I organised a shopping trip to the outlets, I found my much longed-after RED Le Creuset dutch oven for about S$200, possibly about half the price for the same thing in Singapore. I packed it well with t-shirts cradling it in its box and hand-carried it back on the flight.

Now I have the equipment, I need to search for that recipe and start baking. In the meantime, it is sitting on the stove, resplendid in its redness.

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