Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Captain Shit

I have given my first tutorial presentation today, the first one since I've gone back to school. It's for my Pomo class, the subject I've invested an inordinate amount of time in, since it's the subject this semester I'm most unfamiliar with. I had spent an extraordinary amount of effort and time on this presentation, on an artist who uses elephant dung in his artworks. When I tell people (who are not in the art college) that I am doing a presentation on Captain Shit (a character the artist has created), it never fails to get them asking, "What EXACTLY are you studying?". A guaranteed way to get an interesting discussion going.

It is an interesting class, the lecturer is very engaging, he also happens to be the most attractive male on the art campus, considering that there are very few men in art college, those who are male are mostly young and not to mention, gay. Hence, this guy gets my vote.

Anyway, the elephant dung is incorporated into the works and in most cases, the work is not hung on the wall but propped up against the wall of the gallery, supported on balls of dung. And oh, the dung has been chemically-treated and so does not smell. And I do find his works very pretty and decorative, in spite of the dung... and that's no bull shit.


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