Monday, March 20, 2006

And We're Back!

After a whole series of frustrating episodes with internet service providers, I finally got myself wired tonight. Even that relatively idiot-proof service was fraught with difficulties. Although the modem indicated it was connected, the error message on the laptop screen insisted it was unable to detect my modem. After several bouts of shutting down and rebooting, and basically finally deciding to trust what I see and ignoring the error message and proceeding to register myself for the internet service (and also several rounds of registration as it never allowed me to get to confirmation stage the first 6 times or so), I am finally online. I have been so thoroughly frustrated by the whole process, there wasn't even much elation at the success. So after 6 weeks and 2 days of not being able to log onto the internet at my convenience, I think my internet addiction has been slightly curbed. I wouldn't say I'm completely weaned off it, since I still trudge to the uni library with my laptop in my backpack practically every morning (including Saturdays) in order to cash in on my postgrad status (and the internet cable access privilege which comes with that status). I think I've got the addiction under control to the extent that it's probably no longer an addiction. But now with my being back online, I don't know if I'll fall back into my old ways...


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