Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scholarly Musings

A strange thing happened to me. I was asked by the course coordinator of my Masters program to apply for a scholarship which was open to international as well as local students undertaking this Masters program. To say the least, I was surprised because in my entire scholastic career, I have never been the sort who would even qualify to think about applying for a scholarship. I had always thanked my stars that I was the oldest child of 3, as my other 2 siblings constantly topped the class, or even the junior college at "A" levels as it turned out, and got scholarships. So as the oldest child, I didn't have to live up to the expectations of parents due to earlier standards set by an older sibling. And I never had any hang ups about being non-scholarship material.

So as the story regarding my attempts to procure exemptions in a subject or two, unfolded, the coordinator demanded to know why I hadn't applied for that scholarship. I pleaded ignorance and promised to put in my application as soon as I got my hands on the form. And so I did. In addition, I wrote a letter setting out my background and experience in the arts which the coordinator commented was excellent. I felt pretty chuffed. The weekends spent attending art lectures, writing gallery talk papers, conducting volunteer tours had paid off. The struggles at art class when a piece didn't turn out the way I had hoped for, the preparation for the group exhibitions, hanging up the works, the gallery sitting have all come in very useful.

So even if I don't get the scholarship, it is a nice feeling to be invited to apply. (And you at least get noticed by the relevant people.) Now we wait with our fingers crossed.


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