Friday, February 17, 2006

Virtual Open House

It's a nice feeling when reality turns out better than your memories. Very often, it's the other way round. Our minds have a funny way of filtering the bad stuff and leaving us with a sterilised (or romanticised, depending on how you view it) version of things. And so this was the pleasant situation when I finally turned the key and opened the door. The 5 minutes I had spent viewing this apartment previously really was cursory. I realised that the apartment was bigger than what I had thought it to be - perhaps 350 square feet. I hadn't noticed the white leather armchair the last time either. Everything in soothing green and brown. Good thing green has been one of my favourite colours these couple years.

I sniff the sheets, the pillows, the towels. They smell freshly laundered. I give the floor a quick wipe down. And then I brace myself to go through the inventory list. A whole lot of stuff in there, including a French Linguaphone course. Ok I can learn French in my free time. Or bake, as there were measuring spoons, a measuring cup, sieve, baking tins, pastry brush. This looks promising. I poke around somemore. There was a toaster, a blender, a sandwich maker even. Some wine glasses, a pair of champagne flutes, square plates - just the sort I like. This is beginning to look really good.

I pop in a DVD "Bourne Identity" and test out the DVD player and the flat screen tv, they both work. All right, for a quiet night in, rent a movie, make some popcorn and we're set.

Finally, the bathroom. Ooh, a rain shower. Ok test the water pressure, mmm yes that will do. And so it seems, that I am all set, and ready to go...

End of virtual tour.


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