Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

Lesson learnt and confirmed: no more coffee at night. Had a cappucino at dinner, the second time since I've been here that I've had coffee at night. Results were the same in both cases, wide awake past midnight. My mind was filled with random thoughts, so I decided to get up and write an entry since this Blog has been neglected for a month.

These few weeks shall be a time for slow walks and just wandering around doing nothing. I have decided. My horoscope for May has reassured me that it is all right to take things slowly for a change, and don't force the tempo. Just what I needed to hear. With all the major assignments out of the way, and 3 weeks till the end of the semester, things have slowed down, and it felt ok to not have to do research, read art theory books, and write papers. It felt ok to ... just do nothing.

Today was a sunny day, I had decided to take a walk in the neighbourhood and wanted to end up at the Saturday market. But I had detoured into the uni library and ended up sitting there reading the latest issue of "Vogue" and "Vogue Living", perks of art college, where these were de rigueur reading material. Then borrowed 2 books on Vacation Homes/Beach Homes and one on Japanese Postcards for my leisurely weekend browsing.

So I shall be available to chat on IM (no more "Doing Research - Do Not Disturb" signs, at least for a while), have a latte in the afternoon at the quaint neighbour cafe where people sit lined up on the pavement, watching the world go by and explore other little areas, and try to find decent Hainanese chicken rice.

I'll be available to smell the roses, coffee, sesame oil...


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