Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Coughing Myself Awake

My symptoms:-

a. thick green mucus tinged with blood, especially in the mornings;
b. dry cough especially in the evenings;
c. mild chest pains, heaviness in the chest;
d. shortness of breath/I make a funny sound when I exhale; and
e. fatigue.

The Prognosis:-

Bronchitis. Will last at least 10 days. Dry cough will become a wet cough which may last up to a month, if it stretches longer it becomes CHRONIC bronchitis. (NB: When I was 15, I had chronic bronchitis, my cough lasted 2 months)


Drink lots of fluid, get lots of rest, antibiotics are useless as bronchitis are usually caused by viral infections (according to the various websites I have been reading). I have only been prescribed antibiotics, the doc said I didn't need a cough mixture when I specifically asked. Coughing is supposed to be a mechanism that is supposed to help with expelling the mucus. In my case, the coughing doesn't do much except cause more chest pains, shortness of breath and tickling in the throat. It still sounds mostly like a dry cough except when I hack up my guts and produce the globs of mustard coloured, blood-tinged phelgm.

This morning, I woke myself up coughing at 7 plus. I lay there in bed, trying to will myself to stop coughing, so that I can get a bit more shut-eye before the alarm goes off. It was futile, my body was racked with the dry coughing fit. It only stopped after I got up and went to the loo to muster all the "qi" in my body to hack up the thick, green blob which really made me feel like I was heaving up my guts.

All I want is for this to be over, it's day 6 now. My chest hurts, I'm tired, my brain has been working at half speed or less this week, my eyes are puffy and I don't have the internal strength (literally) to keep hacking up those globs. And I would like not to cough myself awake in the mornings. There must be other more pleasant ways of waking up.


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