Thursday, October 12, 2006

Apartment Hunting Woes - Once Again


Back from work, balancing handbag and lunchbag, opened letterbox and flipped through mail. One official looking letter from real estate agent. Ripped it open ... OMIGOD! I've been served with a Termination Notice, the landlord wants his apartment back. Why, why, why? I've been a good tenant, no I've been a GREAT tenant. I've lived through 3 major issues (burnt fuse box, clogged bathroom and leaking kitchen sink pipes) and continued to pay rent promptly even when the problems were not resolved. Why me?

Went online to the real estate listings, only 2 possibilities. Had a migraine when lying in bed trying to sleep.


Rang agent. Landlord is moving back from London. My worst fears have come true, this would be the ONLY reason I thought I would be asked to move.

Went online again. Nothing else available. This is out of my control.

Lied in bed with a migraine again after I started working the dates backwards. I have to get a new place and sign the lease by 21 Oct. Desperation looms.


An apartment inspection is on this evening. I had serious reservations as the building is on the stretch where the homeless perch on the stoop of building entrances and ask (ok so they don't really hassle you) passers by for money and ciggies. But desperation is creeping up, I turned up for the inspection. The big, burly guy who regularly sits on the stoop reading his magazines, is there, at the entrance of the building where the apartment is. "Spare change, please?" continuously rang in my ears the 15 minutes I stood waiting. The agent didn't turn up, I decided to leave. Cannot see myself living there.


Went to 5 real estate agencies in the neighbourhood. Only 1 had some possibilities. Inspection this Saturday. I diligently planned my inspections in my diary to ensure my appointments are coordinated. Highlighted, underlined and ticked.

Another apartment inspection is on at 5.30 pm. Unfurnished but colleagues have rallied around and offered me a mattress, spare tv, odd table and chairs they have in their garage and store rooms. So this time round, I was willing to consider an unfurnished apartment in the worst case scenario. SMS received at 4 pm, agent cancelled inspection, to be rescheduled.

Went home and got online, nothing new was added to the listings in the last 2 hours.

And so I wait some more. I need luck more than anything.


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