Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rozelle Market Finds

Having heard the ceramics gallery (where I will be doing my internship at) owner talk about Rozelle market and the wonderful finds he's gotten there, I decided that I would pay the market a visit today. After all, one of my resolutions was to check out all the weekend markets here.

I got there past noon and started to slowly wander around the 100 plus stalls. Almost immediately an ornate orange and gold thin, wooden tray caught my eye. It looked shabby-chic (later found out made in Italy). But as that was within 3 minutes of my being in the market, I decided I should walk around a bit more instead of parting with cash so soon as how serious shoppers understand the importance of checking out the territory properly first (Anyhow, I did make a pitstop at the ATM before I caught the bus to the market, so was fully prepared). More interesting little stalls selling lots of secondhand ceramics, glassware, clothes, shoes, bags, all sorts of antique-looking stuff (cameras, binoculars, phones, radios), retro items (furniture too) as well, bric-bracs. It was a refreshing change from the last few markets I've been. The crowd is more local than touristy as the market is set in a surburb, so I hesitated to use my camera as I didn't want to stand out like a sore thumb.

I fingered a few pieces of ceramics, but decided I didn't like them enough to want them. I finally went back to the first stall to buy the wooden tray. It was apparently marked down from $8 to $5 (by 1.30 pm, it seemed that some stalls were preparing to close, although technically the market goes till 4 pm). I was pleased with my buy and wandered back to some other stalls where I had eyed some other things earlier. A little English tea cup and saucer in peach and white, with gilded floral and leaf patterns beckoned. I had seen some at the Antiques Centre a few days earlier, and the cheapest there was $10, this was $9 and prettier than the ones at the Antiques Centre, so I bought them too. As I was leaving, some old-fashioned, heavy duty baking trays and smooth (from long use) old rolling pins caught my attention. I held them up and debated. Then I saw it- a old-fashioned hand whisk, with metal parts and smooth wooden handles. They no longer made them with wooden handles. I had to have it, the seller said it was probably made in the 50s and the new ones now had nylon parts. So I bought it for $18.

Pleased with my purchases, I decided I would finally get some lunch. There was a stall selling pies, tarts, quiches, cakes and bread. The Japanese baker even had an oven there, considering the market operates on the grounds of a primary school for the weekend only, it was a feat how he got it there. I bought a ham quiche and a custard almond cake. They were oiishi!

Finally satiated from shopping and lunch, I made my way home.

Post-shopping Note: While arranging my purchases for the photos, the tray slipped and hit the cup which broke. I had a nagging feeling when arranging it that way and was a split second too late. Que sera sera...


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