Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A River Runs Through It

I had almost forgotten to upload these photos on this blog because I think I was so excited by the beauty of them all, I had sent a link to my photo album to all my friends as soon as I had come home and uploaded them. But they were really picturesque and I think they would look really good on the blog.

So for some sort of record purposes, I guess I am here now recounting that two Saturdays ago I had visited my Iranian friend at her home in the suburbs. She had dangled the invitation of lunch with a promise to take me to a "very nice place". That turned out to be an understatement because the park we had gone to was really lovely. It was huge, with a river running through it. There were weeping willows by the river bank, not something I would have expected in an Australian landscape at all. We were mesmerised by how pretty the scenery was and lost no time taking lots of photos. The weather was sunny but cool, and we stretched out by the river bank, experimented with the camera's self-timer and concluded that we both looked like some escaped prisoners in those shots! So weird.

I think I'm going to be hitting the beaches in the next few weekends. So more pics of beach babes and hunks will be coming this way. Watch this space!!


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Just popped in and had a read. Take care.And good pics

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