Monday, October 16, 2006

Quit While You Are Ahead

Maybe it's the stress of the apartment search combined with the business trip that will eat into the chunk of my apartment hunting time that is getting to me, but tonight I was in a deep funk. I want to be home. With family and friends. I pulled out the college prospectus and confirmed that if I exited my course now, I would get a Graduate Diploma. Considering that:-

1. I probably won't start a career in the Arts;
2. The quality, or rather lack thereof, of the education I am getting this semester;
3. The fact that next semester I have only 2 real subjects while the other 2 full-fee subjects are internship and the research paper, and the low likelihood of my learning anything substantial;

the notion of exiting the course at this point, which is in 3 weeks' time, is getting more real as I think about it.


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