Saturday, October 14, 2006

Someone Has Other Plans?

Having finally fallen asleep about 4 am and only having had about 4 hours of shut-eye, I woke up nursing a "lack of sleep" headache this Saturday morning. This apartment search is obviously getting to me. I ring up an agent with a promising studio, fully furnished, with security and a pool, much lower rent that what I'm paying and right in the heart of Bondi Junction. Inspection is only in a week's time. 7 whole days from now. What do I do? There aren't any interior photos of this studio, I only have my imagination and that nice description to rely on. But I also did my research on other similar studios in that building for sale, and they all have photos. They look decent. On a related note, when I was apartment hunting the first time round, my current apartment was the only one in the real estate website that I was scouring through religiously, that did not have a photo, not a single one. I was attracted by the power of the description and it didn't fail me. Maybe being a "word" person, this is my karma?

So with this mental image tucked in my back pocket, I inspected 2 apartments before lunch. Nope. After lunch, I inspected my current first choice. It was probably two-thirds the size of my current unit but with a decent-sized balcony which made a big difference compared to units without the balcony (the one I saw before lunch was such a unit, I ran for the door quite immediately). Chatting with the friendly outgoing tenant, I found out that as the studio was only recently put up for rent, only 2 people (including me) have viewed the place so far. I think I will hold my application for this until I see the Bondi Junction studio.

Maybe Someone up there wants me to have a better apartment for the summer? One with a pool would be nice... Everything happens for a reason, I've seen enough these couple of years to completely believe in that. And usually for the better too. So maybe I'll be spending my free time by my new pool this summer.


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