Sunday, February 25, 2007

And The Truth Shall Set Them Free

4 weeks. More irony. The recurring theme to all this. More insights, some truths were finally disclosed. Discussions, analyses. Too much, too hard, too theoretical? Maybe we spent more time thinking than living. Sure, there needs to be some fundamental thoughts around the situation. But sometimes the thinking takes the place of the actual practical experience. We live through the paper and through books. We don't live. Just live.

And that was the conclusion I came to. Suddenly the thinker has had enough of thinking for a while. Too much analyses in too many areas of my life. No solutions, and more thinking does not always make things clearer. A deep breath, a step back, empty your mind. Perhaps that might be better. Too much information clouds one's mind. With an emptiness, maybe one can see better. It's just like being away from Sydney made me see that I would like to stay here longer, that I was not done with it yet. Being in Sydney, made me long to leave Sydney, can't wait for the stint to end. Now the stint is too short, more thinking on how to extend it. No solution yet.

So now the thinking is held in abeyance for a while, in the meantime, people live. Go with the flow for once, or twice. We make our mistakes, we live through them, we learn from our experiences, we become stronger people. But in the meantime, we live life the way it is supposed to be - savoured and experienced and not just strategising on paper, our next move and the next 5 after that.

In the meantime, I'm going to live a little.


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