Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Pleasant Day Out

Today was nice and sunny. It was hot, hot, hot for the first time in months. It was even a little humid. I ambled down to my old neighbourhood and had a quick wander round the Surry Hills market, looking out to see if anyone had that old retro glass juicer resting on the measuring cup that I am hoping to find. I had seen a emerald green one at the Antiques Centre and was hoping to find it cheaper at a weekend market or opp shop. So far no luck.

The day passed pleasantly with a stop at the cafe for a latte, then to a contemporary art gallery. I didn't like most of the works except for 2 very minimalist paintings. After that, it was lunch time and lunch was at the cafe at the swimming pool near the AGNSW. It was a very nice cafe with a gorgeous view of the wharf and the inviting blue of the swimming pool beneath us. Interesting views also of bodies of various shape, size and colour baking on the pool deck. Lunch was a duck salad which was pretty good with the rocket leaves and a generous sprinkling of nuts which added to the layering of textures of the dish, there was no pungent "ducky" smell. I enjoyed the salad and the view very much.

Had a good look around the AGNSW, I think I had missed several of its galleries the last couple of times I had visited. I particularly like the 3 large Cy Twombly's "Three studies from the Temeraire, 1998-99" panels displayed in the main lobby. They were my favourite in the whole gallery.

After the art gallery, another coffee stop on the way home. All in all, a very pleasant Saturday.


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