Monday, February 05, 2007

Home, Friends And Food

Almost 2 weeks have zipped by. I have eaten my way through the local food to add 2 kg to my weight, and the belt had to be loosened an inch. I am partially wracked with guilt, but on the other hand, tell myself when I get back, and don't have the luxury of these much-missed food, I will lose the weight I have (and will) gain in the 3 weeks back home. I have so many things to sample, so many friends to meet. Never realised how many friends I have until I got back, and not just regular friends, but good friends whom I want to meet and whom want to see as much of me as they can because who knows when the next time will be? So everyone has been buying me meals, either citing long absence or the poor art student status as the reason for the treats. Whatever it is, thank you very much!

Another good thing is the sleep. Getting it for a change. Not long hours but long compared to the sleep-deprived state I was suffering in Sydney. I guess I could do with more sleep but with the number of people I have to meet, things I have to do, food I have to eat, sleep has to take a backseat! Another week to go before I return to the cacophony of noise in the shoebox. Not looking forward to that bit at all...

I can feel change in the air, not too sure what yet, but change for sure. Both excited and apprehensive about that. But such is life, nothing is certain except for death and taxes, so will just take things as they come. But in the meantime, something else that is certain for now is - more local food to chomp through before I leave!


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