Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Second Christmas

I had another Christmas lunch with MLA's family on 7 Jan, the day which Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas, according to the Julian calendar. It was another feast but this time I exercised great restraint since one of the ER doctor's thought that my chest pains could have stemmed from stomach acid reflux. I just overate enough to have to miss dinner that night. *burp* The honey and soy sauce chicken drumsticks done Chinese style was really something, MLA's mum had learnt that from a Chinese co-worker.

The girls started reminiscing about the spring rolls MLA's mum used to make and she said the recipe was coming back to her although she hasn't made them in a long time. She needed someone who knows how to roll the spring rolls to help her roll as her arms were giving her problems, so I jumped to it. And got myself another invitation back for a spring roll party. Being adopted by them is a great thing, they have made me feel so much part of the family.


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